51 Best Startup Blogs Every Entrepreneur Should Add to their Reading List

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TL/DR: This is a list of some of the best startup blogs every startup should follow. If you want to add all these blogs to your Feedly simply import this OPML file. Use this guide for importing if required. 

If there is one thing common in entrepreneurs who build successful startups, it is their habit of reading. Whether you are launching your own startup; whether your idea is local or global, acquiring knowledge and sharing it with others in your community will be a very important part of your day to day activity. 

When I started Reman Technologies to remotely build software applications for startups across the globe, I spent almost half of my day reading. Yes, reading about newer technologies, insights on where the industry is heading, and what’s coming next. Within 6 months, me and my team were able to scale from 0 to $50k per month using growth hacking and the things we learned from reading books and blogs every day. We reduced the development cost by over 60% for our clients and that helped us scale faster. Acquiring knowledge is the key to success when it comes to building great things. 

For example, when Warren Buffet was asked about his key to success, he pointed to a stack of books saying that one should read about 500 pages like that every day. That’s how knowledge works. Knowledge, like compound interest, builds every day. Anyone can do it, he says, but very few will do it. 

Buffet took this habit to the extreme. He says that he read almost 600 to 1000 pages a day when he was beginning his career in investing. He spends over 80% of his day reading. Be It Mark Cuban, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, or Oprah, everyone is an avid reader. But if we ignore these isolated examples, a study of over 1200 wealthy individuals found that almost all of them read more than any normal individual would. 

Also, it’s not about reading anything they can get their hands upon. They read selectively. They choose only to read the best books, follow a selective set of people online, who guide their actions and resolutions. 

For someone building their own business, reading every day is a no-brainer. You should read every day, be it books or blogs from people who know about building businesses more than you do. We are going to list down some of the best startup blogs to follow you can follow for almost every category for building your startup; from venture capital & financing to sales; from marketing to customer success. 

Startup Blogs on Venture Capital and Financing

Venture capitalists are your go-to people for acquiring new knowledge. You should be reading them because they have the best industry leading experience in building start-ups, they can help you navigate the early stages of starting your business, secure the right amount of funding, and even go further as to managing agile teams.

By reading the blogs, you can understand the mindset, the way of working, and the way you should be managing your own start-up. Learning from venture capitalists and reading your blogs can help you understand the required sequences, and make sure that your pictures are up to mark with the standards. 

Many blogs have listed down the best blogs for startups, and this is our take on it. 

So, here is a list of blogs by venture capitalists you should follow. These people have over $1 trillion in stock valuations and have worked with some of the best entrepreneurs in the industry and scaled them into high-value enterprise level companies.

Andrew Chan’s Blog

Andrew Chan would be your go-to guy for learning if you want to build your own product and make it big in the cutthroat SaaS industry. He was one of the important players in Uber’s early strategy and currently leads investments in freemium and consumer-targeted SaaS products.   

Andrew writes essays which are Data driven, from his years of experience from building early-stage start-ups and scaling them using VC backed funding. His blog insights about how to build a customer friendly product that fits the market demand, how to retain users, growth hack revenue, and avoid startup failure. Read Andrew Chan’s Blog

Fred Wilson’s Blog (AVC)

Fred has been an active venture capitalist (vc) since 1986. If you enjoy reading stories about startups and how they scaled to success, this is the blog you need to read regularly. Especially, if you are building a crypto startup. Read Fred Wilson’s Blog

Paul Graham

While his blog is rarely updated these days, his articles are considered as classics in the industry. He is one of the pioneering venture capitalists in SaaS startups, who also co-founded Y Combinator. His insights on how to manage time when you are starting out as an entrepreneur, managing everything in the beginning, are considered as classic lessons for CTOs and anyone who is managing an early startup staff. Read Paul Graham’s Blog

Hunter Walk

Hunter Walk was the lead consumer product manager at YouTube. Currently he is working as a Partner at Home Brew, which is a VC fund based in San Francisco? He writes a lot of how-to content, stories on building startups, and issues faced by entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley. Read Hunter Walk’s Blog 

First Round Review 

If you are interested in reading reviews and interviews from top entrepreneurs and learning from hidden secrets of the world’s best start-up, you should read this blog regularly. It has large scale studies on how together unique operational insights for your start-up. Read First Round Review 

Andreessen Horowitz blog 

The blog is founded from earth to decades of industry leading experience and it’s updated by articles from top venture capitalist funding writers around the world. It also offers videos and podcasts so you can absorb wisdom on building your start-up while you’re driving or even while multitasking. Read Andreessen Horowitz Blog

Tomasz Tunguz’s Blog

To anyone founding a startup, Tom Tunguz can offer motivating inspiration. He has been a Venture Capitalist since he was in his mid 20s. He has worked with Google’s Adsense team and helped it scale and penetrate international markets. He invests in technology companies and invests in dozens of startups every year. He writes about technicalities involved in building great startups. Read Tomasz Tunguz’s Blog

Sequoia Capital’s Blog

Sequoia Capital has been around for over 4 decades. Since 1970, Sequoia has been investing in startups in Silicon Valley, and their teams have scaled over 250 technology companies, pushing over $1.4 trillion in stock market valuation. Their blog is full of insights for founders who want to get deeper insights on how VC funding works with focus on helping budding startups scale. Read Articles on Sequoia Capital

Both Sides of the Table

Mark Suster is a Los Angeles based investor with companies that have been acquired by Salesforce. He has invested in and scaled companies like Upfront Ventures, Invoca, MakeSpace, and Treehouse. On his blog, Both Sides of the Table, he offers practical advice on how to build and scale startups. Read Both Sides of the Table

Bowery Capital

If you are an early stage startup, Bowery Capita’s articles will help you understand deep topics like securing funding and achieving product-market fit. The B2B venture capital firm is headquartered in New York and offers news and insights to the startup world. Read Bowery Capital’s Blog

Startup Blogs on Sales and Lead Generation

Not everyone is a born salesperson. You need to learn the skills and techniques that can make or break your startup. Your product isn’t going to sell itself, and that’s where your ability to sell comes into picture. Not just that, your ability to sell your idea to potential investors, marketers, and your fellow team members goes a long way in building and scaling your startup. 

You need to predict the revenue, close deals, build connections, follow the right prospects, and close the deal. It’s a lot to take in one go, but with these blogs to your rescue, you can learn to sell your product effectively. 

Chaotic Flow

The Chaotic Flow is owned by Joel York, who is a New York based sales executive. He provides high quality and reliable advice on how to make great B2B sales. Any founder who lacks experience in sales would find his blog informative and helpful. Joel has built over 6 marketing and 3 sales organizations from scratch and pens the lessons he learned on the way. Read Chaotic Flow Blog


Founded by Steli Efti, the blog offers practical advice to startups on building a predictable revenue stream and closing important deals fast. Additionally, he writes about how to build a sales team and sales funnels from scratch. It also has webinars and videos which focus on delivering 100% value. Read Close.io Blog


Some of the startups required building their customer base from the ground up. If you are interested in cold-emails, social media marketing, pipeline management, you need to subscribe and read this blog regularly. Prospect.io covers topics like business analytics and publishes articles on sales strategy. Read Prospect.io Blog

Hubspot Blog

One of the most popular blogs on the internet, hubspot offers practical advice for building and scaling your business. It has over 4000 articles on sales, and continues to grow their blog every week with new insightful articles on sales. Read Hubspot Blog

OpenView Labs

OpenView labs have been working with early stage startups for almost a decade. It has managed and scaled some big companies like WeWork and WorkFront. Their blog is about building a great team and quickly scaling operations for any startup. Based in Boston, it has been a source of inspiration for many startups. Read OpenView Labs’ Blog

Marc Wayshak’s Sales Blog

Marc Wayshak is the author of the best-selling book “The High-Velocity Sales Organization”. He offers practical advice on persuasion and copywriting. He covers the science of selling and gives practical, actionable advice on how to build a great sales team and sales funnel. Read Marc Wayshak’s Sales Blog

Linkedin Sales Blog

If you want to learn more about how to use social media for making sales, this is the blog you should follow. For any startup that wants to leverage the power of social media for making incremental sales of their products, this is the blog they should read. Read Linkedin Sales Blog

Predictable Revenue

If you have not already read Predictable Revenue, you should. And if you aren’t reading Aaron Ross’s Blog, you must. On predictable revenue, he blogs about how to manage sales slump and what you can do to maintain stable business growth. The author has podcasts, interviews, and articles that can help you through the sales slump. Read Predictable Revenue Blog

Sales Hacker

If you are interested in podcasts, ebooks, and case studies of how startups build and scale their products, this is the blog for you. No matter what vertical you belong to, if you need to hack your sales pipeline and beat your competition, this is the blog you should read and follow. Read Sales Hacker’s Blog


How nice would it be to engage customers, strategise sales funnel, and build operations in such a way that customers can find you easily and connect with your product effortlessly. Well, reading salesloft’s blog can help you with that. Read SalesLoft Blog

Startup Blogs on Marketing and Analytics

Marketing your product once you are all set up and ready is a very important part of building a successful startup. Some people might feel that marketing is similar to posting your application on Product Hunt. Well, it is way more than that. You need to learn skills that can offer you right information that can help you take precise shots instead of shooting in the dark. Let’s list down the best marketing blogs that we could find on the internet for you. 


Whether you’re building a SaaS based startup or creating a business which requires online interaction with customers, you will need to optimise your website for social media as well as search engines. Brian Dean’s Blog on search engine optimization (SEO) has become one of the go-to sources for anyone who wants to learn digital marketing from the ground up and use those skills to scale the startup. Read Backlinko Blog


ConversionXL is all about increasing your conversion rate. If you’re looking for great articles on conversion optimization then this is the blog you should follow. In fact if you’re looking for a quick guide to conversion optimization, simply search for conversionXL and you’ll be greeted with a PDF document that sums up everything they teach and offer on their blog. Read ConversionXl’s Blog / Download Conversion Optimization PDF from ConversionXL


I have been personally using Ahrefs to research keywords, competitor websites content and so much more. In fact, it has become one of my go to tools for researching any kind of SEO Research. The blog is updated weekly with lots of content related to building backlinks, researching keywords, researching competitor websites, and using that tool for a CEO. Read Ahrefs blog

Buffer Blog

Social media marketing is the way to go for your start-up, then the buffer blog is a must read. On the blog they publish articles about how to produce and share great content on social media for maximum conversion and sales. Buff a blog also offers tips and techniques on building a great social media presence. Ready the Buffer Blog

Ryan Gum’s Blog 

Ryan Gum’s blog is about helping you strategise and launch products at scale, especially if you are a eLearning startup. On his blog, Talks about the creator law of power, creator flywheels and multi SKU creators. He also discusses ideas on distribution monetisation and operations of start-up culture. Read Ryan Gum’s Blog

Growth Hacker’s Blog

Growth Hacker’s blog offers unique articles about how start-ups can use marketing tactics for accelerated growth. It provides insights on digital marketing, entrepreneurship, start of growth and so much more. You can also learn email marketing entrepreneurship growth hacking influencer marketing and even social media growth hacking for start-ups. Read Growth Hacker’s Blog

BuzzSumo Blog

BuzzSumo is about content marketing, influencer marketing, digital PR and video marketing. On this blog you will find some long-form articles on how to write great content, how to market your product using the power of content marketing, and how to strategize your content for maximum reach through social media or search engine optimization. Read BuzzSumo Blog

Neil Patel’s Blog

I have been following Neil Patel for almost a decade now. I have been learning social media marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing, and so much more from him over the decade. He has started three companies that help digital marketers hack conversion rates, and make more sales. He also has a YouTube channel where he offers great advice for anybody who is starting out as a digital marketer. This is the blog you should follow if you want to use search engine optimization as a long-term marketing strategy. Read Neil Patel’s Blog

Moz Blog

Moz is one of the biggest players when it comes to digital marketing. It started out as a tab bar for browsers almost a decade ago, but today it is one of the best places to learn digital marketing. It keeps the blog updated with all the new algorithms that Google publishes, and covers insights on how to build a marketing strategy around successful startups. Read Moz Blog

Hitenism Blog

If you want to strategize digital marketing for growth hacking, nothing comes close to the blog by Hiten Shah. He has been working with companies like crazy egg, kiss mattresses, and quick sprout. He has been self funding two of his start-ups and scaling them using growth hacking techniques that he shares on his blog. Read Hitenism

Groove’s Startup Journey Blog

I love Groove’s Startup Journey blog because it is not written by any one entrepreneur or a single person. It is full of insights from people who have successfully made it big in the business world. Read Groove’s Blog

Robbie Richards Blog

Robin recharge has been my go-to guy for learning how to generate more traffic leads and sales for any startup business. heat is content promotion strategies offers insights on how to build email subscriber list and how to out rank against global brands for competitive search terms. Read Robbie Richard’s Blog

Startup Blogs for Operations and Management

Starting something new is easy. Managing and keeping it running is tough. No wonder, there are managers who take care of human resource and administrative tasks for any entrepreneur. But that’s now easy. Being an entrepreneur, you need to manage the managers, understand their work ethics and style, so that your startup doesn’t have to suffer the consequences of bad management. Here are some of the blogs that can help you manage the managers as an entrepreneur. 

Buffer’s Open Blog

Buffer’s Open Culture blog is where they publicly share how they build their company, one decision at a time. They share their approaches and fresh perspectives on building workplace culture, how they manage their employees, their finances, and how business decisions and strategies are built and executed. Read Buffer Open Culture Blog

Bamboo HR

BambooHR is a software for managing, as it says, human resources. It’s a blog about how to build a successful workforce, how to manage remote employees, and more. You will find actionable tips on building a successful work culture for your employees. Read BambooHR Blog

Harvard Business Review

Harvard Business review is where world’s best entrepreneurs offer their views on how to build a company culture that lasts. With over 25 years in business writing, it has a huge collection of articles for almost every aspect of business. While it is aligned towards corporates, startups can definitely learn a few moves from here. Read HBR Blog

Talent Culture

Talent Culture blog about how you can lead work, hr, and tech. It offers community, culture, insights, and analysis for any level of talent for your startup. It also has a great podcast called #WorkTrends which has been rated top by many entrepreneurs. Read Talent Culture Blog

Fistful of Talent

We find Fistful of Talent a story of opinion. It offers news, analysis, and updates about how the world of HR, recruiting, and talent management works. Their articles are insightful and intriguing in the sense that they have guides that offer techniques for better talent management. Read Fistful of Talent Blog

TINY Pulse

TinyPulse blog is about understanding the team and making better decisions. It covers articles on how to take care of your workplace, how to encourage work-life balance for your teams, and the main communication styles in the workplace. It is a go-to blog for someone who wants to understand workplace culture and manage teams at scale. Read TinyPulse Blog

People HR

All these blogs that we list here for human resource management are in fact SaaS based products. But they do offer insights on how to improve your HR operations. People HR offers expert analysis of human resource management. Read People HR Blog


When it comes to building a robust startup that is passionate about your product, you need to tell them how important your product is for the customer; what impact your product makes in the customer’s lives. Lighthouse is a blog about how to do just that. It helps you learn and implement proven ideas on employee management and engagement. A must read for any startup culture. Read Lighthouse Blog

Best Customer Success Blogs for Startups

Once your product is out there in the hands of your customers, you need to offer reliable customer service. Any startup that scales their business through word-of-mouth marketing will make sure their customer service is top-notch. 

When customers face issues in understanding or getting used to your product; when customers are not accustomed to your SaaS product, you need to train them, and guide them in the right direction. Any customer who doesn’t find direction once they sign up will lose their interest in your product. 

Here is a list of some great blogs to read to understand and learn how to offer great customer service. 

SixTeen Ventures

When I first started reading SixTeen Ventures, it was about sales acceleration. But over time, the blog has evolved into so much more. Today, it offers insights on startup expansion, growth marketing, customer engagement, customer service, along with interesting articles on sales acceleration. It’s a must read blog for any startup. Read Sixteen Ventures Blog

Help Scout

Helps Scout publishes tips and ideas that help you delight customers. It is a customer service platform that offers end-to-end service for customer support and they document important tips and tricks to help you learn about how to deal with customers through support and retain them with your product. Read Help Scout Blog


If your Saas product offers subscriptions, then Chargebee’s blog is a must read. It offers lessons, observations, and insights for any type of subscription business, be it a startup or an enterprise. It also offers webinars, industry reports, podcasts, and customer stories for adding value to your customers. Read Chargebee’s Blog


Gainsight’s blog helps you put customers at the heart of your business. It improves product adoption, reduces churn, and offers insights on driving expansion. On its blog, you will find ebooks, podcasts, webinars, data-sheets, event updates, and so much more. Read Gainsight Blog 

Client Success

If you plan to build a startup and offer customer service at scale, try reading Client Success. It offers insights on customer retention, building meaningful relationships, and consistently providing value through customer service, follow this blog. Read Client Success Blog


Saastr is a blog about all things startup. It covers topics on building company culture, compensation, customer success, fundraising, exit-strategy, international expansion, marketing, and so much more. Every entrepreneur should follow this blog. Read SaaStr Blog

For Entrepreneurs

For entrepreneurs is a blog by David Skok. He blogs about SaaS product development, digital marketing, startups, business models, and more. He regularly publishes blogs and eBooks about how to build a great startup. Read For Entrepreneurs Blog


On Kapta, you get to read how Key Account Managers are making positive impacts, solving real problems for their customers, and building best practices inside their organizations. It’s a must read blog for entrepreneurs who want to understand account management at the core. Read Kapta Blog


Profitwell blog is about helping customers with subscriptions. If you are building a company that uses a subscription model, this is the blog you should undeniably follow. It is regularly updated with all the business related information that every startup needs to understand from time to time. Read Profitwell Blog