How to hire offshore developers? Here’s a simpler way.  

how to hire offshore developers

Hiring offshore developers has helped thousands of companies build their web and mobile products faster and more efficiently. The biggest benefit with hiring offshore developers is that they come with years of experience at a very reasonable price. Ideally, hiring a full-stack developer in the United States would cost about $35-60 per hour, but a similar developer in India with even more work experience can be hired for about $15-25 per hour. 

The easiest way to hire offshore developers is to look for real time project experience. Use a coding assessment tool to find the right developers for your project. Since many of the developers in the Asian countries are self-taught, and without an engineering degree, you might be reluctant to hire them. But don’t go for their degrees. Look at their real world experience and expertise based on their interview. 

The process of hiring dedicated offshore developers

  1. You come to us with a project requirement. Our team studies your complete project in detail and gives you an estimate on the number of resources required to finish the project in a given time. The estimate is based on skills, experience, past work experience, and cost of hiring. 
  2. The next step is to review profiles. There are over 50,000 developers, designers, and management professionals in our pool. We shortlist the right profiles for the roles defined by you and wait for your approval. These developers have been tested through coding assessment tools, IELTS english speaking course, and many other variable to only offer the top 3% talent for your project. 
  3. Once you approve, we take care of the documentation, payroll, contractual agreements between developers and your company, and the technological infrastructure required by them to start working for you. 
  4. These offshore developers are your team, and they only work for you. We make sure the developer is timezone aligned and culturally fit, and make them work under an organised and controlled environment where they can perform with maximum efficiency and productivity. 

Offshore developers are not always freelancers. For example, at Reman Technologies, we only hire offshore developers that are dedicated to your project. They can not be working for or with anyone else except you during their working hours. 

Coding assessments for hiring offshore developers

While we prefer HackerRank for assessing the right offshore developers for your projects, there are many others that you might prefer to test developers with. Here are some of the best assessment tools for hiring offshore developers. 

  1. Hacker Rank (Assessment Science)
  2. HackerEarth
  3. CodinGame
  4. Codility
  5. Code Signal
  6. Coder Byte
  7. Coder Pad
  8. Devskiller
  10. Filtered.AI
  11. Byteboard

Don’t hire one developer, hire a team.

Imagine you starting a project with one inhouse developer, one offshore developer, a graphic designer operating at a different time zone, and some other product owner who is waiting to connect with all of them individually? That would be a complete mess. It’s advisable that you hire a team of offshore developers that are aligned in time, expertise, and communication. 

For example, if you’re starting a mobile app development project or simply trying to take your business online by building an eCommerce store, you need to build a team of graphic designers, web developers, user experience designers, user interface designers, mobile app developers, front-end developers, and back-end developers, it’s best if you hire a team of developers with a common goal, committed to your project. Handling your offshore team is a whole different ball game.