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We are a new-age offshore development company operating on flexible pricing models. Whether you want to build a full-fledged team of designers, developers, and product owners, or simply build your web or mobile app without the hassle of managing or retaining teams, we have the exact solution your project requires to get it from zero to launch in weeks instead of months. 

Everything you need, under one roof.

And within budget you are comfortable with.

Offshore Development Teams

Hire ready developers for your next project. We take care of budget, time, cost, replacements, and save up to 40% on cost.

Mobile App Development

Build native or cross-platform mobile applications for various platforms including iOS, Android or Web.

Blockchain Development

Build your own blockchain based applications, tokens, NFT platforms, or get your whitepapers audited from our experts.

eCommerce Development

Build your eCommerce store or platform ready platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, or Magento or get custom designed store.

Product Development

From conceptualization to launch, our teams can help you build your next project quickly and efficiently, at 40% less cost.

Digital Marketing

A complementary service offered to all our clients who build with us. We offer 3 months of free digital marketing services.

"We selected the firm, as it offered several benefits as a start-up to Blank Canvas and their portfolio is one of the highest quality work when compared to others."

Masumi Shah

CEO, Blank Canvas Gift
As published by the client on Clutch.co

"I am thoroughly happy with how the website and application looks! The unique deliverables are done, and I have a system in place to independently manage my store post development."

Devika Biyani

Project Coordinator, Hifield Agri Store
Review as published by the client on Clutch.co

Simplified Pricing Models

for small, medium, and large scale projects.

Hire Skilled Professionals

For small projects, if you need to hire reliable and skilled professionals and retain them until project completion.

Build Your Remote Team

For start-up that requires a complete team of designers, developers, and management professional on a continuous basis.

Fixed Price Development

For small one-time design and development projects that only require one time investment without any ongoing work.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • There’s an acute shortage of talent in all the major countries of the world, as the demand is rapidly increasing. Plus, the cost of hiring and retaining talent is rising. 

  • Companies are left with no choice but to look for skills outside their geographical locations.

  • India has a surplus of talents and its friendly relations with other countries make it the safest and most obvious choice for companies to choose from.

  • Remote culture has opened up opportunities for companies to hire highly skilled and experienced talents from around the world without the need to move from one country to another.

  • Indian Talents are already running some of the world’s biggest tech giants like Google, IBM, Adobe, Chanel, Vimeo, Microsoft, HubSpot, FedEx, and more which makes them the top preference to hire in the talent war.

  • They are known as resourceful, resilient, and adaptive – which makes them thrive wherever they work. This makes them the first choice when it comes to hiring the best talent.

  • The talent war is all about retaining and attracting talents, which are already limited.

  • This forces the companies to offer higher packages, attractive bonuses, and additional perks & benefits. Which has become so common, that it no longer gives any competitive edge to companies.

  • India having surplus talents and being a developing country, offers talents in way too affordable salaries as compared to developed countries. This makes India talent heaven for such companies to hire at affordable compensation.

Honestly, there are over 15000 mobile and web application development companies on Clutch. Being the best is not something we can boast about. But we can easily say that we are different. We are different in the sense that we don’t charge a penny until the project requirements are clear and wireframes are ready. Our professionals go through a rigorous examination before getting hired. Each employee’s experience and professional skills are assessed before they’re assigned a task for your project. You should consider working with us if you’re interested in sourcing the best talent from India at a very fair price. Also, we offer a completely free 14 day trial (Yes, you can get a lot of your primary project objectives sorted for free and hire us only if you’re interested in going ahead with the development).

Once you submit your project information with us, our team of analysts will study it from multiple perspectives. Our team will suggest the time, cost, and professional skills required to put the project going. We’ll also send you a complete proposal with timelines, development cost slabs, teams, and get you in touch with the developers, designers, and other team members you would be working with.

Completely. We sign a non-disclosure agreement before you share your detailed idea with us. This mean, all of us are bound to keep it safe. We also keep your code secured on a 128 bit SSL secured firewall. You own the code and ever single piece of information you share with us. We also never promote you on our website or anywhere else to showcase our work (ahem…ahem,.. unlike many others).

We use Basecamp to manage our projects. Once you’re onboard, we’ll share the complete tool with you. We’ll also add all the designers, developers, and product owners to your project where they’ll constantly keep you updated about the latest work. You’ll also be storing and sharing all the document there. Plus, we’ll have regular meetings through Google Meet.

Yes, once the project is launched, we offer three months of maintenance and support. The developers, designers, and project managers will keep in touch with you directly regarding any of the problems you might be facing at that point in time. Meanwhile, if you require continuous maintenance and support of your application or website, or update it to newer technologies, you can hire a professional on a retainer basis.

We understand that you’re on a deadline and a budget. And hiring a talent remotely might not feel right in the first place. That’s why we have a 14 day free trial. We win you with our work, and you pay us only after you’re completely satisfied with the trial. Also, we offer a 30 day replacement policy. Which means, if you hire a dedicated resource from us, we would be happy to replace them if they’re not up to speed with your timeline or not as resourceful as you wanted them to be.

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